27 October 2021
TooD is a beauty brand at the intersection of clean, colorful, and high-performing cosmetics. While our products are non-toxic, so is our mindset. We believe makeup is about joy, creativity and experimentation. We want to help you remove shame and insecurity from your beauty expression by giving you the paints and tools to express how YOU feel (not what you’re told to look like).
Whether it's gliding Free Style Color Creams onto onto your hair or swiping the first-to-market certified biodegradable BioGlitter across your lids, TooD's products are made to use wherever your imagination takes you: on your unibrow or edges, as eyeshadow or lipgloss. It's for Every Body Everywhere.
Founded in 2021 by Shari Siadat, TooD was born out of Shari's journey of reclaiming her own beauty narrative. After years of being bullied over having a unibrow, Shari spent decades trying to hide and conform to a society where she did not fit in. After becoming a mother, Shari decided to grow back her unibrow to show her daughters how to take back personal power by changing her attitude toward herself; now throwing colors and crystals on parts of her body she once tried to hide.
We believe that people should embrace (NOT ERASE) their truest selves. We invite you to write and share your own beauty rules. No longer should anyone have to cover up who they are. Isn't it about time we live in a world where we are fully embraced? As is? Welcome to TooD. Short for Attitude.