BioGlitter is made from non-toxic, plastic-free, plant cellulose, making it biodegradable in as little as 28 days in natural environments. Easy-to-use, with one-swipe, you can create multidimensional sparkle anywhere on your body, face, or hair.

BioGlitter - JasperBioGlitter - Jasper
BioGlitter - CitrineBioGlitter - Citrine
BioGlitter - AmethystModel wears BioGlitter in amethyst as a dramatic cat eye
BioGlitter - Tiger's EyeModel wears BioGlitter in Tigers Eye as eye liner and in eyebrows
BioGlitter - MoonstoneModel wears moonstone BioGlitter on her lips
BioGlitter - ObsidianBioGlitter - Obsidian

free style color cream

Freestyle Color Cream can be used individually or blended together in combinations that are unique to you. This vegan, non-toxic, non-stick high-shimmer, buildable color can go anywhere—face, body, edges or hair— and glides on easily and lasts all day. Now with lilac leaf extract, this silky formula protects your skin against free radicals.

Holiday Gift Sets

Explore. Experiment. Play. Our limited edition Holiday gift sets allow you to do it all.

$85 $68
limited edition
The Black Friday, Blue-phoria Gift set: Blue TooDSCARA, one silver and one pearl Freestyle Color Cream and a blue nail polish.
Bring It On
$74 $59.20
limited edition
The Black Friday, Gleam On Gift set: Black TooDSCARA, a Black and a Pink Nail Polish & blue Freestyle Color Cream.
limited edition
The Black Friday, Tools for the Art of Being You Gift set: Soap Brows, Makeup Remover, TooDBrush and a Magic Swab.

Hypnotic Color Cream

We’re all about getting lost in the possibilities. Meet Hypnotic Color Cream multichrome eyeshadow by TooD – the latest innovation in hyper-conscious color.

TooD Polish

A limited edition, non-toxic nail polishes named after LGBTQIA+ activists in collaboration with Jaé Joseph.

Nail Polish - BriggsNail Polish - Briggs
Nail Polish - ArshamNail Polish - Arsham
Nail Polish - LunaNail Polish - Luna
Nail Polish - AshtonNail Polish - Ashton
Nail Polish - SchuylerNail Polish - Schuyler
Nail Polish - JewelleNail Polish - Jewelle
Nail Polish - SavageNail Polish - Savage

Soap Brows

A vegetable-based soap that gives long-lasting hold, definition, and thickness to your brows day or night.

best seller
TooD Turn it on Soap Brow product in its tinModel has used Turn It On Soap Brows on left eyebrow. No product on the right eyebrow
TooDbrush $12
Tood Star
TooDbrushTooDBrush shown from the side, made from sustainable bamboo

Stretch The Limits Liner

Introducing TooD's Stretch The Limits Liner. Line your work with precision, and watch as our liquid liner stretches the limits of what you thought was possible. Our clean, colorful, and high-performing pigments are what sets us apart from the rest. Available in 7 shades, including Black, White, Yellow, Lime, Periwinkle, Pink, and Forest Green.