16 October 2023
TooD Team

It’s official! We are beyond honored and humbled to receive the Allure Best in Beauty 2023 Award – Best Colored Mascara, for our TooDSCARA in Blue Mood. Winning in this highly competitive category in our first year is a testament to our ethos and vision at TooD.

The story behind TooD Beauty

The journey of our founder, Sharareh Siadat, was born out of activism; to help evolve the beauty industry beyond eurocentricity and the patriarchy with little to no regard for the planet.

At TooD, we stand firm in our belief in creating clean, colorful & high-performing products, never wavering in our vision, and always questioning the systems and the production of our formulas and packaging.

When celebrating the win with the team, Sharareh had this heartfelt message to share. 

“Shoutout to my team – for helping create a non-judgmental community where souls can have the safest paints to self-express; using their entire body as a canvas for creation and for seeing me; a Persian girl who struggled to find her place in this world where all that she is; her creativity, her sensitivity, her world views, her intelligence, her beauty, her power and of course her unibrow was not just accepted, but celebrated for my wholeness.

Thank you to Allure for this highly coveted award and seal. You've inspired me to keep, innovating & believing that a new world order in beauty is upon us.”

Why blue mascara? 

Wondering why blue mascara is making waves in the beauty industry? Blue mascara isn't just a trend; it's a statement. It adds a distinct splash of color to your lashes, creating a bold, playful look. TooD Beauty's Blue Mood mascara takes this trend to the next level, offering a captivating shade that's both vibrant and versatile. Going for a subtle hint of blue or a dramatic blue lash look? This mascara delivers both. 

Angela Trakoshis, shopping market editor at Allure Magazine, perfectly captured why you should give our blue mascara a try: "Never in my life did I think we'd wear colored mascara. Two coats of this one though and I'm hooked." It's no wonder it's been crowned the best blue mascara of 2023 by Allure Best of Beauty.

The clean beauty revolution

Two years ago, we were on the verge of launching a mascara, but the delivery system was not at the level of sustainability that met our requirement for product development, so we waited. 

TooD Beauty is proud to state that our TooDSCARA is the first made with ocean waste plastic packaging & wand; making it a fully recyclable unit on a highly used staple beauty product.

Our vegan formula is the cleanest; made from 99.3% natural ingredients aka plants, vegetables and fruits, making this clean formulation clump and flake-free while providing outstanding performance and intense pigment payoff.

We believe if we are going to create any products in an over-polluted and over-saturated industry, it better be the cleanest formula and most sustainable packaging that science & technology allow. 

Feeling blue? Try on colored mascara! 

With TooD Beauty's Blue Mood mascara, you have the best blue mascara of 2023 at your fingertips. Make a statement, share your look, and elevate your beauty routine with a touch of blue. Experience the allure of Blue Mood, and let your lashes do the talking.