1 September 2023
TooD Team

Summer is fleeting, but TooDSCARA, TooD Beauty's award-winning clean mascara, endures. Indulge in voluminous lashes that are as clean as they are captivating. With our eco-conscious formula, this zero-waste beauty essential is committed to sustainability and helping the planet. For all of those vibrant nights spent drenched in sweat and in high spirits, TooDSCARA is the perfect companion. 

  • Best for: buildable and volumizing lashes 
  • Zero-waste, vegan and cruelty-free
  • 100% recyclable ocean plastic applicator wand
  • Available in 2 bold colors – Blue Mood and Blackest

With our naturally engineered polymers and a recyclable spiral brush, each and everyone one of your lashes is guaranteed to stand out. Entirely natural and cruelty-free so you can appreciate the planet while everyone else appreciates your eyes. 

Our environmentally friendly mascara is the ultimate expression of our commitment to sustainability. When you swipe on TooDSCARA, you're not just creating stunning, unforgettable looks – you're making a statement alongside our collective community of clean and sustainability seekers. It's time to show up and show out, without ever compromising.

What sets clean mascara apart?

Ditch the toxicity. Clean mascara is all about keeping it real, just like you. It sets itself apart by being free from unnatural chemicals and preservatives. Many mascaras on the market contain pigments from unhealthy or artificial sources, which can ultimately damage your lashes. It's essential to be mindful of the origin and manufacturing process of your mascara. Fortunately, with TooD Beauty, you can set aside those worries and focus on the things that truly matter.

Our mascara comes in a tube made from ocean-waste plastic reducing the need for new plastic production and helping divert waste from landfills through the use of recycled packaging.

Our clean and cruelty-free mascara isn't limited to one color. Whether you're feeling adventurous and wild with our Blue Mood shade or prefer the classic but bold Blackest, our buildable volumizing mascara has got you covered. Embrace the color of your choice, and dare to show off your unfiltered self.

What are the ingredients in a clean mascara?

TooDSCARA features a blend of vegan waxes, plant-based biofilm, and earth-derived pumice to enhance your lashes. Notable ingredients include water, sunflower seed wax, and oil. Our formula is 99% natural and clings to your lashes for as long as you need without creating flakes.

What makes our mascara sustainable

We source our mascara's ingredients ethically and naturally, opting for plant-based alternatives instead of harsh chemicals. At TooD Beauty, we believe in choosing substances that are gentle on the environment and your lashes.

One of the standout features of our eco-friendly mascara is the revolutionary biodegradable wand. The applicator wand offers a guilt-free application method and eliminates plastic waste because it is made of renewable and compostable ocean waste materials.

The environmentally friendly mascara is the result of our constant dedication to sustainability. Every element of the product, from the acquisition of components to the package design, has been carefully laid out to reduce its environmental impact. The production process at TooD is conducted in a way that preserves our commitment to ethics and the environment. 

Discover cruelty-free mascara with TooD

TooD’s ethically sourced volumizing mascara goes beyond makeup. According to Sharareh, our founder, TooD is a revolutionary brand that embodies self-acceptance and self-expression. Our makeup not only makes you shine with all your might but also empowers you to embrace your individuality, all while being eco-friendly. 

Clean performance with no compromises

Many wonder if clean mascara provides the same performance as conventional ones. We are here to prove that the environmental friendliness of TooD's mascara does not compromise its performance in any way, shape or form!

Our expertly formulated product not only enhances your lashes, but also conditions them for a super strong look, withstanding extensive wear. With our mascara, you can achieve voluminous, thick lashes that make your eyes glow full of conviction without compromising your dedication to sustainability. TooDSCARA is more than just a mascara, it is kindred spirits coming together sparking freedom.

Shop TooD Beauty’s Vegan Mascara for a Clean Look

Don’t stop at TooDSCARA! We invite you to complete your clean and eclectic look by pairing it with our other clean beauty products. Get inspired by our entire collection of eye products at TooD Beauty. Show the world what it truly means to be yourself, while shining in vegan and cruelty-free makeup.