11 October 2023
TooD Team

Calling all makeup revolutionaries and beauty boundary-breakers! Prepare to dive headfirst into the kaleidoscopic world of colored eyeliners, where creativity knows no bounds. We present to you TooD's Stretch the Limits Eyeliner, the pièce de résistance for those who defy beauty norms and revel in their unique, unapologetic style. 

Every component of the Stretch the Limits Liner is clean and eco-friendly. Your eyes will be grateful for such a clean and vibrant look. Not only is it very easily applicable, but it is also highly precise and available in a wide array of colors for you to be able to create whatever look you wish to the tee. 

Different eyeliner colors, infinite expressions

While black eyeliner reigns as a timeless classic, TooD's Stretch the Limit Eyeliner invites you to embrace a world of vibrant possibilities. Explore a spectrum of shades that mirror your ever-evolving emotions.

From the cerulean depths of the ocean to the beguiling allure of dream-inducing pinks, these shades are your gateway to self-expression. Dare to explore, discover the hues that harmonize with your unique skin tone, and watch your aspirations come to life in vivid color.


Craft your unique artistic narrative

TooD’s vibrant liquid eyeliner is your bold companion on this artistic journey. Forget the old rules; this is an ode to audacious self-expression. Embrace your imagination, transcend the ordinary, and elevate your makeup into a living masterpiece. With precise lines that defy convention, TooD's colored liquid eyeliner glides effortlessly, giving life to your wildest makeup dreams. Here, your creativity knows no bounds.

Long-lasting liquid eyeliner

Named Stretch the Limit for a reason, TooD's colored eyeliner defies the clock. Whether you're conquering a hectic day or dancing in the rain, this colorful eyeliner stands resolute. Quick-drying and smudge-proof, it ensures your eyes remain captivating from dawn to dusk. With TooD, expect no smudging, just flawless, vibrant eyes that stay true to you.

Eco-friendly, vegan & clean eyeliner  

In a world of compromise, our clean liner takes a stand. In contrast to conventional eyeliners, TooD's Stretch the Limits liquid liner promotes a composition that is free of toxic substances, hazardous chemicals, and other potentially harmful elements.

This colorful liquid eyeliner comes in recyclable and eco-friendly packaging since TooD is devoted to reducing its negative environmental effects. By choosing TooD, you're not just expressing your beauty; you're supporting a greener, more compassionate beauty industry. Find other sustainable products and let us help you achieve your wanted look in an eco-friendly fashion.

The best eyeliner color? It's your choice!

Selecting the perfect hue is an art in itself. TooD's Stretch the Limits Liner offers a spectrum of colors to rival a rainbow. From versatile whites to adventurous periwinkle blues, there's a shade for every mood and eye color. But why stop there? Combine multiple different eyeliner colors from the selection and make your face a beautiful multicolor canvas catered and made directly by you for you.

Paint the town green: trending colorful eyeliner

Green, particularly forest green, is the hue on everyone's lips – or rather, eyelids. It's a statement color, adding depth to blue eyes and an earthy elegance to brown and hazel eyes. To embrace the enchantment of forest green is to unleash your inner goddess, ready to make an unforgettable impression and dominate the world of makeup.

Master the art of colored eyeliner

Looking to find the best way to make colored eyeliner look good and work for you? TooD's Stretch the Limits Eyeliner empowers you to experiment with your eye makeup. With this flexible and dependable tool, feel free to bend beauty standards in experimental ways – from razor-sharp lines to swirly doodles or any masterpiece your heart desires. Pair it with TooD's other innovative products like TooDSCARA, and you'll shine with unparalleled uniqueness and a truly artistic look.

Show us your colorful eyeliner looks with #attiTood

Join the movement of clean, vegan, and eco-friendly beauty with TooD's colored liquid eyeliner. Share your colorful eyeliner looks on Instagram and TikTok using the hashtag #attitood. Your artistry deserves to be seen, celebrated, and shared.