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Holiday Gift Sets: Get The Look

Holiday Gift Sets: Get The Look

'Tis the season!
Whether you’re headed to an IRL party for the first time in who knows how long or staying in the comfort of your home, the holiday season is upon us and ripe for self-expression. So how do you get that perfect “me-but-make-it-holiday” look? Here at TooD, we make it a point not to tell you how to wear your makeup. But, if you’re looking for some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing, look no further. We tapped friends of TooD to show off how they are using our Holiday Gift Sets (which are basically the most giftable things on the Internet). From over-the-top and sparkly to barely-there beautiful, there’s a look for every body to get you thinking. Oh and did we forget to mention? These sets are a GREAT deal, so get them while they last! Parade of Colors, as see on @fiffanyluu
“To get this eye look for the holidays, I used the Parade of Colors Gift Set — using Bioglitter in Obsidian & Citrine for color and the Magic Swab to clean up glitter.” Blue Is The Warmest Color, as seen on @everythingomega
“To me, holiday beauty is all about FUN! It’s the most wonderful time of year for a reason. It’s time to get a little wild with different color eye shadows and lipsticks. It’s the season of doing whatever sparks joy for you. Beauty during the holidays is about letting that inner beauty glow from the inside out.” Purple Haze, as seen on @lune.child
“I used Purple Haze (amethyst #Bioglitter and past/present Freestyle Color Cream) to create my disco ball holiday look. To me, holiday beauty is all about sparkles, a bold eye, and embracing the unibrow.” Tools Of The Trade, as seen on @cyrusveyssi
“TooD makes me feel like the best version of myself - my authentic self. Some of us were never meant to live within a binary, it’s not where we are destined to flourish. Too-D meets us along the spectrum, wherever it is we decide to fall. Pigments that brighten our natural beauty with glitter that helps us shine along the way.” Shop all of our Holiday Gift Sets today.

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